Cardiknox @ Bowery Ballroom (7/6)

cardiknox4Cardiknox, the stage name for Lonnie Angle and Thomas Dutton’s two piece band, brought tremendous energy to Bowery Ballroom last Wednesday night. Based in New York but originally from Seattle and having spent time in LA, the duo blends 80s pop-style synths and beats with strong, belting vocals (the two met working on musicals in New York).

Angle strutted to the standing mic in a skin-tight ensemble – a black leotard and shiny metallic pants – while Dutton bent over keyboards and synths, nodding his head to the rhythm as he played hooks and timed electronic beats. Angle put on a performance on par with any trained-for-Broadway singer, dancing and singing to the audience, while whipping her sleek ponytail back and forth. She had no trouble engaging with the audience, looking people directly in the eyes as she sang lyrics and pointing at various audience members throughout the set.

Cardiknox opened with one of their top tracks “On My Way” and left their older hit “Technicolor Dreaming” out completely, leaving room for almost all tracks off their latest album, Portrait. Some highlights were the anthem for youth, “Wild Child,” and sullen power-ballad “Into the Night.”


Since I last saw them at their performance at The Foundry in Philadelphia this past January, the two have grown both as musicians and performers. With a debut album under their belt, a growing fanbase, a handful of well-choreographed music videos (see the clever “On My Way” music video for proof), and a keen instinct for performance that likely stems from their theater background, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Cardiknox graduate from the opener slot and have their own headlining tour sometime in the next year.

On My Way
What Do I Do Now
Wild Child
Perfect Storm
Into The Night

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