Spotlight on With Confidence


Following the release of their debut album Better Weather in 2016, Australian pop-punk band With Confidence have been garnering dedicated supporters from all around the world. Formed by a group of high school friends in 2013, the quartet has faced unprecedented success in their short time together. The group, which consists of Jayden Seeley, Inigo Del Carmen, Luke Rockets, and Josh Brozzesi, has released two EPs, Youth in 2013 and Distance in 2015, in addition to their album.

The band began their skyrocket to success when they signed with LA-based Hopeless Records in the beginning of 2016. With a roster consisting of pop-punk giants like All Time Low, Sum 41, and Taking Back Sunday, the label is a perfect fit for With Confidence. While only having toured around Australia prior to their signing, in 2016 they toured Japan, the UK, and the US (the latter with Vans Warped Tour). The group is currently on their first headlining EU/UK tour, and will soon be joining fellow Warped Tour alumni State Champs for their US dates.

With Confidence’s debut album, Better Weather, was easily one of my favorite releases of 2016. As someone who has been listening to the band since 2014, I was pleasantly surprised by the quick development in their sound from Distance and the cohesiveness of their freshman effort. While the album primarily consists of more classic pop-punk anthems, the group shows they are no one-trick pony with the ballad “Long Night,” a much more low-key, stripped down tune. Other popular songs, like “Voldemort” and “We’ll Be Okay,” are uplifting with their shared message of promising to support their fans through rough times, and promising that things will work out for them.

“Waterfall,” the final track of their album, particularly stands out from the rest of their songs. With a softer verse that leads into a heavy-hitting chorus, vocalist Seeley recounts having his heart broken. Following the end of the song, which fades out over a cascading guitar line, there is a long period of silence before playing a typical memo heard after leaving a voicemail plays, saying, “you may now hang up to send your message.” Rather than hearing the sound of hanging up, the band layered the sound of an iPhone locking over the message, in my eyes signifying that the whole album was meant to be a message left to someone, but in the end, they simply cannot follow through and tell them how they feel.

The future looks bright for With Confidence, as they continue to tour and hopefully release another album this or next year. Given their tour dates for 2017, it seems probable the band will be on Warped Tour again, allowing them to continue to grow their fanbase. With millions of streams and hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners, it does not seem that With Confidence will be slowing down anytime soon. Be sure to check With Confidence’s website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify to keep updated with their tour dates and new releases.

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