COIN @ The Troubadour 6/16

At their second sold out show in their two night stay at the Troubadour, indie band COIN amazed the audience with their energy and passion. Following a strong opening set from A R I Z O N A, COIN took the stage to “Feeling,” off their new album, “How Will You Know If You Never Try.” Their stage setup, complete a tombstone off the album cover and a neon sign with a hand reaching out, also pulled from the album art, only added to the magical aura that the band produced.


The band, comprised of lead singer Chase Lawrence, lead guitarist Joe Memmel, bassist Zachary Dyke, and drummer Ryan Winnen, kept the crowd singing and dancing throughout their entire set. During “Are We Alone?,” the group got the entire audience to jump, literally shaking the Troubadour. An underrated aspect of the show was Lawrence’s piano playing — in between “Don’t Cry, 2020” and “I Would,” Lawrence played an absolutely stunning interlude, and throughout the show he continuously came back to the piano and managed to rock out while still playing with absolute beauty and precision.


The audience was filled with plenty of fans (I mean, the show sold out quickly after it went on sale), who were consistently screaming along to the lyrics. The front of the crowd absolutely lost their minds during “I Would,” singing back the lyric “I don’t know what to do, I think I might be in love with you” as loudly as I have ever heard at the Troubadour. With a solid mix of both older songs and newer songs, everyone in attendance was guaranteed to know at least one song, whether it was their older hit “Run,” or their newer single, “Talk Too Much.”


My favorite moment of the night was during COIN’s performance of “Malibu 1992,” a more stripped down track, and one of my favorites off the new album. The mix of the voices of everyone singing along sounded absolutely angelic, and lead singer Lawrence even stopped to acknowledge how beautiful it was. Jumping from that into “Talk Too Much” and “Fingers Crossed,” COIN finished their set with a bang and left the audience craving to see them again when they come back to LA.


Overall, COIN played an incredible set with vigor and kept the audience extremely engaged throughout the entire show. In talking to Lawrence after the show, it was not hard to see why fans love the group so much — he was incredibly genuine and sweet, and thanked each person multiple times for coming out to the show, before engulfing them in huge hugs. Until their next tour, I will be waiting to be amazed by the group once again, and will also be waiting for another one of those phenomenal hugs.


Make sure to catch COIN on one of their upcoming tour dates, and listen to their new album on your service of choice here. Check out the full photo gallery from the show below.

Setlist: Feeling / Atlas / Holy Ghost / I Don’t Wanna Dance / Time Machine / Are We Alone? / Don’t Cry, 2020 / I Would / It’s a Trap / Run / Boyfriend / Miranda Beach / Malibu 1992 / Talk Too Much / Fingers Crossed

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