Brockhampton: The Return and Reinvention of the Boyband

Brockhampton, an up-and-coming collective, will be playing The Foundry next Wednesday.

The group, which prefers to be known as a boyband, has had quite a busy summer. Following a VICE series chronicling their rise (which they pitched to the network themselves), they released their first two full-length albums called SATURATION and SATURATION II, two installments of a trilogy. The seventeen members met online in the comments sections of a Kanye West website and are led by 21-year-old Ian Simpson, who goes by Kevin Abstract. They follow in the tradition of other hip hop groups, but have greatly evolved the definition and breathed life into the very idea of a boyband. The members of Brockhampton are rappers, producers, singers, designers, and filmmakers. Their songs touch on such subjects as homosexuality and homophobia, gun violence, and systemic racism. This tour has been greatly anticipated, and the show should not be missed. 

photo by Ashlan Grey

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