Japanese Breakfast Releases New JRPG Japanese Break-Quest, A Sci-Fi Space-ship Powered by Friend-ship

Japanese Breakfast, the pseudonym of Philadelphia Indie star Michelle Zauner, released her newest project, Japanese Break-Quest, this past Thursday Sept. 14th. Largely inspired by her recent album, Soft Sounds From Another Planet, the game is a journey through outer space as the main character, space pilot J. Brekkie, gathers her bandmates to construct her robot friend Machinist and face off against the aliens attempting to take over the ship.

As J. Brekkie, you navigate your way through the ship to collect robot parts and other items, such as Space Kimchi, Sandy Alex G T-shirts, and Cende baseball caps. Along the way you encounter fellow musicians with important clues and items to aid your mission, like Jay Som and Ó, and battle aliens with special abilities like “Philly Indie Cred” and “Boost Pedal”. It also features 8-bit versions of the entire album as the soundtrack. The game is a quick 30 minutes (and that’s if you’re as bad at video games as me) but full of great characters, great tunes, and plenty of dorky in-jokes of the Philly music scene. A great time-killer for your weekend, and if you beat the game, you receive the entire MIDI album for download. Check it out if you love RPGs, sci-fi adventures, or seeing your favorite indie stars as cute little 8-bit cartoons. The game is available, for free, at japanesebreakfast.rocks/quest


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