Kasabian at the Trocadero 9/15

Kasabian fans love to dance. This Friday night when I headed down to the Troc, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect out of the evening, but pure, unadulterated fun was what I got.

The show started out with Philly native band, Ceramic Animal, performing on stage with their classic maroon suits. Playing one of their more well-known songs, Maybe, the group really captured the audience, especially with a lot of their slow, heavy drops. The classic feel along that came with their really well-made music was a great way to start the night.

Kasabian fans flocked from all around for the band’s first Philly appearance in 5 years. There was certainly an older crowd than most concerts, probably due to the group’s rise in popularity in the early 2000s. The sizeable international crowd makes sense with the band’s popularity and inception in the United Kingdom.

When the time came around for Kasabian to take the stage, the audience had significantly filled out.  With a pretty spectacular light show, the band jumped on stage to the beat of Ill Ray (The King) and the chant of the line, “you know my name.” Lead singer Tom Meighan was running around the stage all night, bringing loads of charisma and that signature energy that is so definitive for the band itself.

Throughout the concert, Kasabian was really playing around with the songs and experimenting with some crowd favorites, including mashing Daft Punk’s Around the World into the set, and returning for the encore with the appropriately titled Comeback Kid.

Overall, it was a great night with some fantastic (very loud) music, fans that couldn’t have been happier to be there, and good rock vibes all around.

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