Bully in Philadelphia- First Unitarian Church, 11/14

Bully, a rock band from Nashville, will be in Philadelphia on 11/14 at First Unitarian church.

Bully’s sophomore album Losing is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated releases for Fall, with early reviews and critics raving about the record’s explosive power and sharp and powerful lyrics. It came out this month on Sub-Pop.

Bully received near unanimous critical adoration on their debut album Feels Like, an album that tackled the transition out of adolescence. On the new album they’ve landed harshly in the adult world, and are facing the brutality of life with lead singer Alicia Bognano’s signature screech and tight writing.

Bognano, a highly skilled analog engineer who trained under Steve Albini also recorded, engineered and mixed this album.

New York Magazine included Losing as part of their Fall Music Preview writing “Alicia Bognanno has the loveliest snarl this side of Nirvana’s Live at Reading. That it’s in a pop-punk setting, with lyrics reckoning with adulthood, only strengthens its power.”

Listen to latest single “Kills To be Resistant here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cia7HOYxj8w

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