Mike’s Picks – Songs of Her’s

Silky, enchanting vocals laid over a curiously complex aggregation of instrumental melodies.


Overall this is a very reflective album, though there are a couple of breakaway songs that don’t place perfectly into the mood. It’s littered with longing choruses like: ‘Where did I go wrong?’, ‘You don’t know this guy’, and ‘I’ll try for you’ — it’s like listening to somebody’s internal dialogue after they’ve made a mistake and hurt a loved one. It has a good balance between songs that are somewhat jarring and emotionally stimulating and songs that are very soothing and pleasant. Definitely a journey worth going on.


Top 3:


#3: What Once Was


In my opinion this song has the best combination of semantic value and ‘just sounding good’ value. When I listen to the other two songs I chose to write about I don’t really have any clue what the singer is saying; they just sound great. This song definitely still sounds great, but it actually has a message for the listener to get behind. In that way I would say that this song is the most relatable and thought-provoking on the album. Also: it really does sound great.


#2: Marcel


This song evokes the feeling of dancing in a big grassy field with the guy or gal of your dreams, all the while being haunted by the fact that, at some point, this good time must come to an end. In a way, it’s colorful. Listening to this song I imagine myself spinning in circles as bright yellow and orange flowers fall from the sky and the sun shines down on me. I easily could have named this song ‘Garden of Eden’, there’s something divine about it.


#1: Dorothy


The intro of this one feels like falling through a little wormhole that gently leads back into the 80’s. This is an especially valuable aspect of the song because it opens the album, setting the mood for the whole experience. The drum track is mixed with a lot of delay so the kick and snare have a very distinct, echo-y sound that gives the track a steady and easy-to-groove-to pulse. What’s so great about this song is its absolute simplicity. If you were to take any track from this song and listen to it, the lead guitar or bassline for example, you could likely tell pretty easily that it is pretty simplistic and doesn’t vary all too much. That being said, when the whole song comes together it sounds very intricate and compels a complex depth of emotion.

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