Rihanna Dropping Bars in N.E.R.D’s

Finally, the wait for new N.E.R.D is over and now we have the funk-rap group to thank for Rihanna’s new fire bars on the song “Lemon”. The group has not released any new music since 2010 and their new album, No_One Ever Really Dies, still does not have a release date. But fan’s should rest assured that it should be coming soon, if their surprise listening party/concert is any indication.

Performing at day one of ComplexCon, the group premiered their never-before-heard new album while dressed in the new adidas x N.E.R.D collection. So, at least we know the full album does exist. Check out the full track list below:

No_One Ever Really Dies

  1. “Deep Down Body Thirst”
    2. “Lemon” featuring Rihanna
    3. “Voilà” featuring Gucci Mane and Wale
    4. “1000” featuring Future
    5. “Don’t Don’t Do It” featuring Kendrick Lamar
    6. “Kites” featuring Kendrick Lamar and M.I.A.
    7. “ESP”
    8. “Lightning Fire Magic Prayer”
    9. “Rollinem 7’s” featuring André 3000
    10. “Lifting You” featuring Ed Sheeran
    11. “Secret Life of Tigers”


The video for “Lemon” can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_u97PqWX6g

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