Slowdive @ Union Transfer (11/15) – Text Review

I saw Slowdive (with Cherry Glazerr opening) at Union Transfer on Wednesday. It was an Experience™. I texted my friend Mackenzie (not her real name) throughout with my thoughts and feelings. Here are those thoughts and feelings.

Matthew Eisenberg:

Cherry Glazerr is frickin great, wow

I loved the album but they’re so good live also

Mackenzie Nelson:

They’re fucking amazing

I headbanged so hard last night

Matthew Eisenberg:

Yeah I wasn’t expecting them to go this hard

She can fucking shred that guitar oh my lordt

Mackenzie Nelson:

I was aroused and also scared of her

It was a great feeling

I was also p blazed

Matthew Eisenberg:

Same! Except for the blazed part

Maybe I should’ve

Too late now

Mackenzie Nelson:

Oh definitely

I was in Mass :p

Matthew Eisenberg:

Yeahh Pennsylvania isn’t on its shit yet

Mackenzie Nelson:

Are you hyped for slowdive

Matthew Eisenberg:

So hyped!!!

She keeps saying things that nobody in the crowd can understand

It’s fine though

It’s happening here they come!!!

Mackenzie Nelson:




One Slowdive set later:


Matthew Eisenberg:

That was so beautiful

Mackenzie Nelson:

Do you feel complete?

Matthew Eisenberg:

I feel like I’m floating still

That Syd Barrett cover to close out before the encore was made my soul cry

Mackenzie Nelson:

They are so wonderful

I like genuinely felt warm after that show

Matthew Eisenberg:

Oh same for sure

It was like cuddling but with music

Mackenzie Nelson:


Matthew Eisenberg:


Mackenzie Nelson:

dude I cried during when the sun hits

Like legitimately

Matthew Eisenberg:

I don’t blame you at all

Mackenzie Nelson:

Drugs helped a little

But overall just pure bliss

I’m so happy they did this tour

Matthew Eisenberg:

Me too omg

I’m gonna sleep so well tonight I can feel it

Mackenzie Nelson:

Also Rachel is fucking gorgeous

Matthew Eisenberg:

Yes wow and that tattoo


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