Dave’s Faves – January 2017

Hi I’m Dave and these are my Faves™. TONS of great music came out in January so I thought I’d compile/rank/review my favorite tracks of the month. If I left out any of your faves or if you disagree with my Hot ‘n’ Spicy takes please roast me in the comments.

  1. Spoon – Hot Thoughts

On the lead single for their upcoming album, Spoon reaches out into new sonic territory. With the aid of veteran producer Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, most other bands you like) Spoon ditches their classic indie sound for something a little more psychedelic and groovy. Their sound may be evolving, but the Austin band still exudes that effortless coolness that they’ve maintained since the 90s.

  1. Allison Crutchfield – Dean’s Room

On “Dean’s Room,” Philly’s Allison Crutchfield channels her inner New Order. You got a nice synth melody, you got fast drums, you got a loud and catchy bass line. It’s basically a DIY take on “Age of Consent” and I’m a big fan. Got some good lyrics in there too: “I think of you like a roach at my feet / I’m just as scared of you as you are of me.” Great song off of a great album.

  1. Mac Demarco – My Old Man

Mac is back!! And he’s gone acoustic?! “My Old Man” is a nice light-hearted acoustic track flecked with drum machine beats and hazy synths. Like most of his slower songs, Mac dabbles in melancholy but his trademark goofball personality still shines through. The track is like a better constructed and more polished version of the songs off 2015’s Another One, which had a lot of cool ideas in it but seemed rushed and incomplete. I’m excited for the new direction!!

  1. Dirty Projectors – Up In Hudson

On “Up In Hudson,” the third single from Dirty Projectors’ first album in five years, Dave Longstreth recounts the beginnings of a relationship. But, folks, this is where it gets juicy. This isn’t just any old relationship––it’s the recently ended relationship between frontman Dave Longstreth and former Dirty Projectors singer/guitarist Amber Coffman. The song begins with Longstreth nostalgically recalling his first interactions with Coffman. His eager tone is backed by cheerful oohs and aahs and percussion that really nails the bubbly excitement of a new relationship. But the song takes a jarring turn; dissonant horns blast as Longstreth mournfully sings “and love will burn out / and love will just fade away.” The sentimental love song quickly turns into a breakup song, showing that no matter how happy Longstreth’s memories are of his first interactions with Coffman, they’re marred by the sentiments of the chorus :(.

  1. Arcade Fire – I Give You Power (feat. Mavis Staples)

Arcade Fire is back!! And I don’t care what the haters say, this song is so good. Released the day before the inauguration of President Wario, this is a protest song in the truest sense. The lyrics are simple, repeated over and over like a chant. “I give you power, over me / I give you power, but I gotta be free / I give you power / but now I say / I give you power / and I can take it away.” People don’t give credit for how profound and empowering this statement is, especially in times like these. Also, song is super catchy and Mavis Staples is amazing. If you don’t like this song you’re not woke.

  1. Priests – Jj

On Nothing Feels Natural, the debut record from D.C. punk band Priests, the band draws heavily from sounds and themes from punk’s history, but transforms those ideas and sounds into something truly original and exciting. The sounds within the record are incredibly diverse, with Priests expertly avoiding punk’s tendency to sound samey and simplistic. This skill is what makes the song “Jj” so great. Priests blend surf guitar and piano with classic punk vocals to create a real doozy of a track about break ups and hatred of your past self. Like the rest of the album, the song maintains a punk urgency but leaves room for other ideas and sounds to percolate. Great song. Love it. Saw ‘em live on Friday and it was great.

  1. Tim Darcy – Still Waking Up

I’ve listened to this song no fewer than like five times a day since it came out. It’s totally infectious and I’m obsessed. Tim Darcy (frontman of post-punk band Ought) is unrecognizable on this song. Showing off the diverse range he wields as a frontman, Darcy ditches his detached post-punk yelp to channel his inner Morissey, delivering a deeply personal and mournful ballad that drips with emotion. The feeling Darcy captures on “Still Waking Up” is so specific, but he totally nails it. “Something about the way you blink your eyes / tells me that you’re not ready / tells me that you’re still waking up alone.” Hoo boy those are some good lyrics. Best song of the month. This is the official Correct Opinion.

Honorable Mentions:  Migos (Feat. 2 Chainz) – “Deadz,” Snail Mail – “Thinning,” Cloud Nothings – “Enter Entirely,” Vagabon – “Minneapolis,” Real Estate – “Darling,” HOMESHAKE – “Every Single Thing,” Tennis – “Modern Woman,” Julie Byrne – “Follow My Voice”

Fave album of the month: Priests – Nothing Feels Natural

David’s Hot Takes – ****WARNING: XTRA SPICY****

  • 2017 is shaping up to be an INCREDIBLE year for music and I’m not sure if I’m ready for it
  • The xx’s new album is pretty good but a lil overrated tbh
  • Father John Misty’s new songs are overwrought and annoying. They’re mediocre at best and he thinks his takes are so spicy but they’re really just the kind of “open up your EYES man” sort of takes of someone who thinks Banksy is nuanced and edgy. I’m a huge fan of I Love You Honeybear and of FJM’s schtick in general but I’m really let down by most of these songs.
  • Best Video Ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX7JAHddY84
  • Other Best Video Ever: https://www.facebook.com/deezshoes/videos/1189902614463700/


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