Cherry Glazerr @ Electric Factory (2/17)

Cherry Glazerr, a high-school-garage-born rock band from LA, opened for Best Coast and Wavves at Electric Factory last week. A band both ridiculous and unattainably cool with tracks such as “Grilled Cheese” (“grilled cheese, in my mouth”) and “Bloody Band Aid” (“I feel weird”), Cherry Glazerr brought personality and an eccentric punk-rock sound to the stage. With a name and story fit for a teen best-seller, lead singer Clementine Creevy formed the band while attending a prestigious high school in LA and shrugged college aside for deals with Saint Laurent and a 23 year old boyfriend from Seattle (Cherry Glazerr’s bassist, Sean Redman).

Creevy was comfortable on stage, interacting coolly with the audience and fearlessly leaping on the (questionably stable) front speakers and back onto the stage during “Sweaty Faces”. Cherry Glazerr’s combination of slow dreamy vocals (as in “Grilled Cheese”) and hard punk rock (as in “Had 10 Dollaz”) makes their sound stand out. One minute, Creevy’s lilting vocals are layered over a chord progression and eerie synths, and the next, Cherry Glazerr has you head banging and the 12 year olds next to you are moshing. Although it seemed like much of the crowd came for Best Coast and Wavves, a group of hardcore Cherry Glazerr fans made their way front and center while shouting support “We came for you! Sweaty Faces! I love you Clem!”) and promptly left as soon as their set was finished.

It’s hard to get a sense of Cherry Glazerr without listening to their music, but if you need a quick description, string together all the song titles in their set list to get decent impression of their strange sense of humor and enticing bizarreness.

Had Ten Dollaz
I Told You I’d
White’s Not My Color This Evening
Trick or Treat Dancefloor
Humble pro
All My Friends
Insta → Apoc (A yet-to-be-released track?)
Sweaty Faces
Teenage Girl
Sip O’ Poison
Grilled Cheese


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