Album Review: “come out. you’re hiding” by Flor

Indie-rock band Flor released their first album after signing with the powerful label Fueled by Ramen, called come out. you’re hiding, on May 19th. Filled with a diverse set of tracks, the Portland/LA-based group proved that they have the talent and songwriting abilities to make it big. With light pastel colors sweeping the album cover and mainly upbeat songs, Flor’s album provides a feel good soundtrack for this summer.

Complete with 2014 single “heart,” as well as other previously released songs like “warm blood” and “guarded,” the album provides a litany of sounds and styles for all listeners. While songs like “where do you go” lay closer to indie-pop mixed with a tinge of rock, others like “spoiled” are more heavily rock with electronic elements mixed in. As they continue to write music, their individual sound will likely become more solidified, yet even with the diversity of genre on the album, Flor still manage to make songs that are unmistakably theirs.

My favorite track on the album, and probably one of the most understated, is “unsaid.” Both musically and lyrically, the song stood out on the first listen, and continued to stand out through many more listens through the album. As singer Zach Grace sings, “Can’t be my selfish nature, can’t be my sin / Are these feelings I long for best left unsaid?,” it’s difficult not to be mesmerized. The catchy guitar hook and chord choice, complete with strong drums to back it up, make “unsaid” one of my favorites.

The quartet have made waves with their first album, whether evidenced by the millions of plays on their tracks on Spotify, or the constant stream of supportive tweets from both fans and people who happened to stumble upon it. To me, it is wonderful to see Flor continue their journey as a band – the first time I saw them, they were opening for Young Rising Sons and Halsey at the Troubadour in 2015. As I continue to see them play live, and as they continue to release more music, I am always pleasantly surprised by their continued growth, and cannot wait to see what comes next.

Listen to come out. you’re hiding on your preferred music service here, be sure to follow Flor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and check out their new video for “Overbehind” below.

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