Run-On Sentence Reviews: Mark McGuire – Ideas of Beginnings

This is an album for when you’ve just gotten back to New York City from a weekend on a lake in Maine and you were on a long bus ride during which you texted about a lot of deeply personal things with a friend to whom you’ve recently become particularly close and when you got off the subway at 86th & 2nd you saw a couple your age walking home from Duane Reade having bought nothing but a bag of Doritos and you thought to yourself “I wouldn’t mind a relationship that involves 11:00 walks on Sunday nights to my nearest Duane Reade to buy Doritos, that sounds kind of nice” but the music playing through your headphones is just the right mix of melancholy and optimistic so that it lets that thought marinate for a minute and you get a little sad but not too sad because the optimism is enough that you think to yourself, “you know, maybe I’m not exactly where I want to be right now (not geographically, but you know what I mean) but I know that I’ll get there soon.”
This is an album for that.

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