Mike’s Picks – ‘The End of Comedy’ by Drugdealer

An interesting artifact: an album that sounds like it was written 50 years ago.. that’s only a year old.


This is an exquisite pick-me-up album. When I first heard this album all the way through I was having a pretty terrible day: it was rainy, I was sick, and was totally swamped with work. When I got home I decided to just turn off all of my lights, drink some chamomile tea, blast this album and lay on my carpet and wallow in my own misery. My expectations were subverted, however, when after just a song or two I was on my feet and dancing and singing along. Strangely, I’d consider it to be a somewhat spiritual experience and I think it’s an experience other people should have too.


Top 3:


#3: Suddenly


This is one of the few songs I have in my collection that is both very reflective and very danceable. The song alternates between a slow, thoughtful ballad and a nice, funky grooves. When I first heard it I was literally lying on the floor of my room and when the song first started I was ready to just stay on the ground and continue to melt, but as soon as it dropped I was on my feet. A true emotional rollercoaster.


#2: The End of Comedy


A soulful, piano driven track laced with beautiful, floating vocal melodies. More often than not, if a track doesn’t have a drum kit and a bass to drive it I’m not going to be much a fan, but somehow the simple arrangement of this song makes it feel more sincere.


#1: Easy to Forget


This song is spectacular through and through, but what really sets it apart is the gentle chorus: a sweet sequence of la la la’s. The track was mixed so that, even though there are quite a few instruments, none of them are particularly loud. It’s like the band is far away and you’re hearing the track from the distance, or maybe even from a memory. It’s a very cheerful and beautiful arrangement but very subtle at the same time.

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