Jay-Z Takes Over Wells Fargo Center

It’s the year of the H.O.V.A! Jay-Z is bringing his North American tour to Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center Friday, December 1st. Before the ‘4:44’ show hits our city, be sure to check out Jay-Z’s new Grammy-nominated album that has been receiving more than it’s fair share of positive reviews. This tour is the first of the influential artist’s installment of a 10-year touring deal with Live Nation.

While this is Jay-Z’s 6th solo tour (for his 13th studio album), reviews of the concert in other cities have said that H.O.V.A. is still able to captivate and enchant the crowd like always instead of falling prey to becoming a mechanical act. Describing his on-stage presence as loose, ambling, and playful, he interacts effortlessly with crowd while delivering bars to some of his rawest songs to date.

But you should see it for yourself. Tickets for Friday’s show are still available online and doors are at 7 pm. If you’re still not convinced, he’s also brought Chicago’s very own Vic Mensa as an opener. To say this isn’t a show you want to miss would be mincing words.

Didn’t get tickets to this show? Don’t let that be the reason you miss out! WQHS is giving out tickets to Jay-Z’s show all week over at facebook.com/wqhs-radio. Keep your eyes peeled during Barely Legal with Sophie Burkholder tomorrow from Noon-1PM for our next giveaway.

Stay tuned: there’ll be more giveaways to come!


Photo Courtesy of  Billboard

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