Single Review: “Fay” by (Sandy) Alex G

A cryptic new single from Philly-fave (Sandy) Alex G was quietly released on his personal Youtube channel last night, January 18th. Though the song’s lyrics can be easily fit in a single line, (“In the car, knocking at my door, reer-reer-reer, what’s the problem officer? what’s your knocking for?”) it is hardly his least verbose. The single was accompanied by a more elaborate description, attached below, which raises more questions than it answers.

“Fay” resembles some of Alex G’s work before Rocket, his critically acclaimed 2017 release, from the simply rhymed lyrics with suggestions of a wider story, to the altered vocals, tuned to sound perfectly childlike, then reversed and remixed. The song itself has an odd sense of symmetry, each part mirroring itself, resulting in a distorted backdrop for the relatively straightforward guitar and bass.

Despite the unfamiliar and vaguely disturbing nature of the song, it can quickly become a serious earworm. It feels more like earlier songs of his like “Sandy” and “Brite Boy,” while playing on similar themes of innocence and a mysterious and potentially dangerous situation, and the description adds to this sense while also feeling like a separate piece entirely. However, it’s up to the listener to decide how to interpret this subtle drop, as well as whether or not this is a hint to a release coming in 2018.

The attached description to the Youtube video:

“Im opening the cabinet now. I found you I’m pulling you out Fay. I found you Thank you for finding me You’re welcome We are going to help eachother. Im opening the cabinet now I found you I found you 🙂

Now because my man was the only member and could Kick you even now as an old man. Now because I know. Been all over. First new Jersey. But after i lived in seattle and I moved here. I dont wanna talk about seattle. What i know is now is more than you could ever know. i dont listen when Danny walks in the room dont listen.
He doesnt know anything.
Now now now now now hahaha.

Now now now now now now now now now now

Fay listen to me baby come here i got something for you. made you a treat come here.Peanut butter cookies Xo. made you a little treat baby XO. peanut butter cookies. Want some? xoxo”


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