Single Review: “Medication” by Nick Murphy


Nick Murphy’s new single, “Medication,” opens with a series of heavy instrumentals that sound as if they were designed to accompany a slow-motion action movie scene, complete with billowing mushroom cloud and rugged action hero wiping ash from his brow.  It’s a startling opening, especially coming from an artist who, under his previous name of Chet Faker, produced a notably laid back discography.  Indeed, when comparing the gritty opening bars of this latest release with the relaxed tone of the “No Diggity” cover that put Murphy, then Faker, on the map, it’s clear that his name change signifies an evolution in his music.  However, fans of the old music need not despair.  Once Murphy begins to sing, the song becomes instantly recognizable as a new addition to his resumé of powerful vocals, subtle samples, and clear lyrics.


Photo by Tyler Mitchell

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