Death by Unga Bunga @ Kung Fu Necktie (3/25)


Not one bit less ridiculous than their name suggests, Norwegian garage-rockers Death by Unga Bunga put on a show that was equal parts ridiculous and delightful at Kung Fu Necktie last Friday.

Coming off of their release of Pineapple Pizza in early March, DBUB brought their fresh-from-SXSW setlist to Philly a week after their showcases in Austin. Expertly integrating food into their album and song titles seems to be a special talent of DBUB, and “Lady Fondue” off of Pineapple Pizza is no exception. With a killer introduction by bassist Rolland Pettersen (“This is a song about my true love… melted cheese”), the song’s endlessly layered vocals, fuzzy power chords, and goofy but catchy refrain (“Lady fondue…. Melted love!”) are representative of the entire album and DBUB’s sound as a whole.

Relying on a base of 60’s-style garage-rock, DBUB makes a point not to take themselves too seriously while still making music that’s undeniably good. Their foreign-band-doing-bizarre-things act is reminiscent of Die Antwoord (though very toned down), and they have the potential to have the same success.

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