Interview with Taylor Burns of The Wild Feathers


The Wild Feathers, a Nashville rock n’ roll band currently touring with two albums under their belt, will be coming to The Foundry at The Fillmore on April 30. Last Thursday, WQHS chatted with Taylor Burns, guitarist and vocalist of TWF, about their new record Lonely is a Lifetime out since March 11.

WQHS: Can you just give me a quick overview of the band and who you guys are for any readers who aren’t familiar with your music?

Taylor Burns: We’re an American rock n’ roll band, lots of guitar, lots of harmonies, and lots of energy in our live shows.

WQHS: What are the main differences between your old album and the new one?

TB: The old album is more folksy, more Americana. It’s kind of in how we wrote the songs – with an acoustic guitar, sitting around a living room. The new record is more ambitious. It’s pretty much written on the road with more electric guitar and more sound in general. They both sound similar in a lot of ways though, they’re not a huge departure from our sound.

WQHS: What’s your favorite song off the new record?

TB: “Goodbye Song”, just because it’s a jam we did in the studio and we captured a little magic on the 10th or 11th take. There was that one magical take where we all felt it, so that stands out for me.

WQHS: What have been some of the highlights from your career as a band so far?

TB: We’ve been really blessed to get to open up for some legends. We got to play with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson – those were the biggest moments. To get to share the stage with them was so surreal, it was such a crazy feeling. Never in my wildest dreams did I dream I would open up for either of those guys. I kept trying to remind myself to soak it in and be in the moment, and it’s still hard to imagine we even did it now.

WQHS: If you could recommend a song or two that captures your sound, what would it be?

TB: I think “The Ceiling” is really good, it’s all three of us singing on the song, and it really encapsulates what we do as singers and songwriters.

WQHS: Is there any single influence (or a few) that has most affected your songwriting style as a band?

TB: Everything affects your songwriting style whether you know it or not. I hate to say that, but you’re affected by everything you listen to and we listen to a lot of music so I can’t pick just one thing.

WQHS: What is your songwriting style?

TB: There is no set method yet – we write individually, collectively, every way you can imagine. Sometimes it starts with a lyric, sometimes a melody or progression on guitar. It’s however the song presents itself, we just try to explore it and finish it.

WQHS: Do you have a favorite live moment?

TB: I think one that stood out was the first time we went to Madrid – it was a huge sold out show and we had no idea we had fans there and they all started singing the words even though they speak a different language.  It had us all really taken aback, what a special moment.

WQHS: How has Nashville influenced your sound?

TB: I definitely think it has mainly influenced us in its high level of talent and musicianship. It keeps us laser focused and pushing ourselves as musicians. We just have to stay on top of our game because everyone is so good there, you can walk into any dive bar and you’ll be blown away by a well written song or an amazing voice. Just being around that all the time makes us better.

WQHS: Do you have a favorite Philly spot? We’re looking forward to seeing you April 30th!

TB: I ate at a really badass dim sum place last time I was in Philly. The thing is, we never really get to hang out much in Philly ‘cause we always have to drive through the night to get somewhere else but it’s a rad city and I always have fun playing there.

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