Songs That Are Important to Me, Gene: “Headache” by Grouper

my mother once told me.
that grandma made water out of rice.
it tasted like a generation.
i remember she said:
“just right.”
so quietly.
it sounded unintentional.
“do you miss her?”
she looked at me.
put her hand on my forehead.
and told me i had a fever.
tired of being lonely.
i called you late one night.
and asked for a prayer.
“my head hurts.”
i said.
and after a few moments.
i heard you pull out your bible.
and read me a proverb or three.
in your polite korean.
“protect him, father.”
you repeated.
“protect him.”
while i stared at the call log.
i remember your words sounded like a berceuse.

are proverbs ever sung?
(a name/a quick fix.)
“(sung) do you miss me?”
“i do.”