Board’s February Favorites

From SZA to The Smashing Pumpkins, this is WQHS Board’s favorites songs for February 2021.

february favorites

The WQHS Board is excited for our shows this semester! We decided to put together a playlist of some of the songs that we’ve been listening to this February and to highlight some of our favorites on the playlist. We hope you enjoy them!

From Ashna, the Station Manager:

“ Fine Lines” – Jorja Smith

One of my go-to songs, when I’m feeling down or just getting ready. Jorja Smith just brings calming energy that washes over you throughout the course of the song, almost as if you were by the poolside with Jorja Smith herself. The best vibes.

From Leah, the Station Librarian:

“Jesse’s Girl” – Rick Springfield

This song just makes me so happy and IDK why.  Maybe it was growing up with my mom’s love for 80s music, or just the fact it’s a really catchy amazing song.  Dustin (my boyfriend) and I love listening together on car rides or while doing homework! 

“1979” – The Smashing Pumpkins

 Again, a song I grew up with because The Smashing Pumpkins were my Mom’s FAVORITE band.  It’s been so cold on campus, and it reminds me of driving around town back home in warm southern California.

From Ryan Martin, the Live Room Director

Immaterial” – SOPHIE

I added SOPHIE’s “Immaterial” to this month’s playlist in honor of SOPHIE’s recent passing. SOPHIE was a visionary, and her influence will continue to be heard in songs for years to come.

“Like Me (feat. iann dior)” and “BERETTA (feat. Wifisfuneral)” – $NOT

I also added two $NOT songs to this month’s playlist because I started to listen to him over break and I think he’s got real potential to become one of the greats. 

From Erin, the Program Director

“Chicken” – Your Neighbors

A hands-down bop. Also the headliner of my “dancing (poorly) around my room” playlist. I did indeed dance poorly around my room to this song after I turned in my last term paper last semester. 10/10 recommend making a fool out of yourself while jamming to this, preferably in front of a window.

“Catastrophize” – Noah Kahan

There are many things I could say about my favorite artist Noah Kahan, but in the end, it all boils down to his lyricism. The man has a ~way with words~, and this song is one of many great examples. Ryan says “catastrophize” isn’t a word, but he’s wrong (as per the norm). 

From Julia, the Blog Director

Streets” – Doja Cat

I’m so late to “Streets”, but when this song came on my Spotify a few weeks ago it blew my mind. This song will put you in your feels and also have you dancing in a matter of seconds. Doja Cat doesn’t hold back on any talent on this track. The lyrics, the beats, and her vocals come together as a perfect package. 

“Hurt” – Arlo Parks

I’ve been on a real Arlo Parks kick recently, especially since the release of her album Collapsed In Sunbeams this past January. “Hurt” is the perfect expression of overcoming past pain and looking forward to the future with hope. The spoken word that comes in half-way through the song is completely captivating and I can’t stop thinking about it. 

From Walden, the Social Chair

“Strange Feelin’” – Tim Buckley 

This song combines instruments and genres that shouldn’t necessarily go together, surrounding a folksy blues center with jazz-influenced upright bass and marimba, but somehow makes it all work harmoniously. It’s also been my favorite music to start off my mornings with recently. I don’t drink coffee, but if I did, I would do it to this song.

“Warm In The Winter” – Glass Candy

I’ve spent all of 2021 so far listening to a ton of music from Johnny Jewel’s Italians Do It Better label, and this song is perfect for the seasonally depressed college students who need a little bit of a pep talk like me, or even if you just like retro, new-wave inspired synth pop. The lyrics may come off cheesy when written down, but when they hit at exactly the right time, the song starts to make perfect sense.

“Parking Lot” – The Weather Station 

This was the last single released from The Weather Station’s new album, Ignorance, which came out just this past week, and for my money is the first great album to come out of the new year. This song in particular draws on an absolutely stunning instrumental palette pulling from the likes of Talk Talk, Kate Bush, Roxy Music, and more recent artists like Julia Jacklin. Tamara Lindemann’s voice floats just like Joni Mitchell’s and she sings about calm and reflection in a time of crisis, which couldn’t be more appropriate.

From Sudeep, the Graphic & Merch Designer

“Good Days” – SZA

I’ve been listening to good days nonstop since Christmas. The lyrics, SZA’s amazing vocals, everything has me super excited for what she’s got coming out!!

“Girl Scouts” – Rico Nasty

Rico’s nightmare vacation is exactly what I needed to get through the winter. “Girl scouts” is such a fun intense song, and there’s no exhilaration like rapping along with her as she threatens to take people out.


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